Dear Stand-In Central,

Hi.  I was booked on an AFTRA show in L.A. as a stand-in for two different actors on the same day.  Does that mean I should get two vouchers and paid double … or is it still just considered one day’s work?


– Joseph

Response from Ben Hauck

Hi Joseph!  Your email address didn’t seem to work when I replied, so I’ve turned your question into an Ask Stand-In Central column for this week.

That’s a great question you ask.  The short and simple answer is, No, you do not receive two vouchers for standing in for two actors on the same day on the same production.

In effect, if you are standing in for multiple actors on a day, you are sometimes thought of as a “utility stand-in.”  That is, you’re around to stand in based on the production needs for stand-ins.  Utility stand-ins sometimes have no obvious physical similarities between the actors for whom they stand in on a day.  Sometimes the heights or hair colors may be the same, though sometimes not.  In the case of utility stand-ins, it’s not surprising to see a female standing in for a male and vice versa!

But just as a utility stand-in does not receive additional vouchers for every actor whose shoes he fills, neither would you in this case.

But have you ever gotten multiple vouchers for standing in for multiple actors on the same day?  If so, share you experience below and how you did it!