Dear Stand-In Central,

As a stand-in, if the call is forced (less than a 10 hour turnaround), do we get a penalty or is it just for principals?

— Terasa

Response from Sara DeRosa

Great question, Terasa!

Crew members get a forced call penalty if the turnaround from wrap time to crew call time the next day is less than 10 hours.

For union actors, a forced call penalty applies to principal actors only. Their turnaround is required to be 12 hours from the time they wrap until their call time the next day, not 10 hours.

Stand-ins and background actors do not get a penalty for a forced call.

Thanks for writing in to Stand-In Central. Good luck out there!

Do you have any more information about forced calls and turnarounds for crew members or for SAG-AFTRA members? Please comment below!