At Stand-In Central, we reply to a number of emails related to work as a stand-in in television and film.  We hear from people who have never stood in and want to know how, people who are up for their first stand-in job, and people who’ve been working as a stand-in for some time now and are looking for additional advice.

Have you had a question you’ve wanted to ask about standing in?  Want to know how other stand-ins might field an issue you’re having on set?  Don’t know what a particular term or code on the callsheet means?  If so, drop us an email!  Select emails we turn into future Tips & Tricks Blog posts.

You can drop us an email via the “Ask Stand-In Central!” link at the top of the screen.  Alternatively, you can click here to go directly to that page.

How has asking Stand-In Central a question been for you?  Have you gotten fast answers?  Good advice?  If so, post below!