You’re standing in on set when you hear “New Deal!” Is someone talking about FDR’s economic programs created the 1930s?

Probably not.

What Does “New Deal” Mean?

When the 1st AD announces “new deal,” this generally means the crew is moving on from the current setup.

There are a few things that could happen when “new deal” is called:

  • A new setup in the same direction but with different camera positions
  • A turnaround on the current scene
  • Moving on to a new scene

Context Is Key

From what you have shot in the scene already, you will most likely be able to infer what “new deal” means when it is announced.

If the scene has only been shot in one direction, “new deal” in this case should mean that the crew will be turning around on the scene. If the scene has been completed, “new deal” should mean that the crew is moving on to start preparations to shoot the next scene.

Any other terms you’ve heard used on set that confuse you? If so, please post them below!