Hi there!

I’ve got my first stand-in job for a feature film and I start soon! They’ve recently told me that the actress I’m standing in for is 5’9”. I am 5’6”. I believe we’ll be filming outside in the forest most of the time … What can I do about the height difference? I can’t really wear heels in the dirt.

Thanks for your help! This site is amazing and I feel so much more prepared from browsing this site!

— Tiffany in Vancouver

Response from Sara DeRosa

Hi Tiffany!

Thanks for writing in to Stand-In Central. Congrats on your first stand-in job!

You already have the right instinct — you should not be out in the forest wearing regular high heels. I have a couple of suggestions that can help you increase your height for the gig.

First, I would recommend a high-heeled sneaker with a platform-type heel. Skechers makes a line of them that are about 3 inches high. This will ensure your foot is enclosed to protect you from the elements in the woods. I did a review on Stand-In Central on my pair.

Secondly, I would recommend height-increasing lifts that you insert into your shoes. I just started using them this past year for a stand-in job. They are great because you can take them in and out of your shoes so you aren’t constantly wearing them. This may be a good option for you if you have a lot of walking to do to get to the shooting locations in the forest and don’t want to be in heels the whole time.

The ones I have come with additional layers you can add on to build height. They work very well in boots and are small and easy to carry in your bag as opposed to a complete other pair of shoes. I usually use the base lift of about 1.5 inches in a boot with a 1.5- to 2-inch heel to increase my height. Here is the link:

3-Layer Air up Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit – 6 cm (approximately 2.5 inches) Heels Inserts for Men and Women

Hope these suggestions can help you, Tiffany. Good luck with your job!

How have you handled height differences when you’re standing in? What footwear do you recommend to add height in rugged terrain? Share your thoughts below!