It’s that time of year again! The days are longer and the weather is getting hotter and more humid. But the show must go on! Here are tips about what to wear to stay cool when standing in outside in the summer months.

Check the Weather

Before you decide what to wear for a work day, check the weather! Look for how hot it is going to get during the day and how much it will cool down at night so you can be prepared. Also look to see if there is a chance of rain or thunderstorms. These pop up unexpectedly more often during the summer months.


Tank tops and t-shirts are a good base to start with. Keep in mind that you may have to layer color cover over your own clothes, so choose lighter materials that are looser and breathable.

Also consider potential working environments. You’ll want to have long-sleeved shirt and pants options in case you work outside in a wooded area where you’ll need more protection from insects and plants, such as ticks and poison ivy. If you aren’t sure where you will be working, ask casting for more details when they book you.


Shorts, bermuda shorts, and capris are all good options. Again, for these you’ll want to choose fabrics that are light and breathable. Pants can work too, but it’s better if they are made of a thinner material, such as linen or cotton, as denim jeans can get very hot. I would suggest avoiding skirts because you may find yourself having to sit on sidewalks or stumps if you are in the woods.

Convertible pants are also a great option to have. They are pants that become shorts by unzipping the bottom section at the knee. These are helpful if you find yourself working in a wooded area, or if you work day into night when the temperature fluctuates. You can find convertible pants on or at an outdoor gear store such as REI.


Sneakers and light socks are your best bet. Closed-toed shoes are a requirement on most sets in accordance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration workplace safety standards, so avoid wearing sandals and flip-flops.

If you have to wear high heels to stand in, try to wear platform sneakers, wedges, or shoes with a thicker heel. Thinner heels are more susceptible to damage while walking on pavement, and they will sink right into the ground if you have to walk on grass.

To protect your thinner heels, you could use heel caps. Heel caps are 1″ rubber protectors that fit over the heels of most standard high heels. Heel caps can be purchased online at or SoleMates.

Layers for Nighttime/Air Conditioning

You may be working on set into the night when the temperatures drop, or you might move to an indoor location with air conditioning. To be prepared for cooler temperatures, you should bring clothing layers with you.

For tops, bring a cardigan or a long-sleeve t-shirt that you can layer over your clothing. For bottoms, leggings are good to layer underneath. These options are good because they are light and not bulky, so they won’t take up a lot of space in your bag.

Other Necessities

Here is a list of other items that are very helpful to have on set while working outside:

  1. Water bottle (it’s very important to keep hydrated!)
  2. Sunscreen and bug spray
  3. Sunglasses and a hat (for coverage when you are not standing in)
  4. Umbrella (in case of rain or for more sun coverage)
  5. Hair elastics or clips (pinning up long hair can keep you much cooler)
  6. Handheld electric fan (these can be a lifesaver!)

Good luck, and have a great summer!

Have your own summer tips? Post them in the comments below!