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Stand-In Central is your resource for standing in on film and television productions.

At Stand-In Central, we give you an overview of the job and share what you might expect if you’ve just been hired as a stand-in for a film or TV show.  The guidance here at Stand-In Central offers a solid foundation in how to be an excellent and effective stand-in.

First, read over What Is a Stand-In? for a basic overview of the job, the routine, your responsibilities, and the terminology you’ll hear on set.  Second, follow our Tips & Tricks Blog, updated weekly with great stories, lessons, humor, and advice for being a really great stand-in. Third, review the Gear we recommend for doing the job well and order what you need. Lastly, if you have any questions, Ask Stand-In Central and our volunteer contributors (all professional stand-ins) may answer your question in a future blog posting!

In a rush? Download The Stand-In Handbook, our PDF ebook about standing in!

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