The Callsheet Cheatsheet

The most popular question stand-ins ask on Stand-In Central is what all of the abbreviations mean on the callsheet — that dense sheet of information you get on the top of your sides.

We’ve created The Callsheet Cheatsheet to decipher these abbreviations for you — to unlock the secrets of your next stand-in job.

cover-callsheet-cheatsheet-The Callsheet Cheatsheet is a must-have resource — a concise and easy-to-use glossary compiled from years of experience interpreting film and television callsheets.

Available for Immediate Download!

The Callsheet Cheatsheet includes nearly every abbreviation and relevant term you’ll see on callsheets when you are standing in, organized alphabetically for quick reference.

The Callsheet Cheatsheet also includes a special section on work status, giving extra detail on the meanings of the codes beside your actor’s name.

Created by our editor and experienced stand-in, Ben Hauck, The Callsheet Cheatsheet is available as a downloadable PDF, which may be read on your computer, your Kindle, or other PDF-enabled ereader. It may also be printed onto a single page for easy reference on set.

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Latest version of The Callsheet Cheatsheet: 1.06 (Updated July 7, 2018)