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Stand-In Central is your resource for standing in on film and television productions.

On this website, we offer solid foundations on how to be an excellent, effective stand-in.

Stand-In Central is the top website of resources for stand-ins working in television and film. Since its founding in 2010, no other website has covered the job of the TV/film stand-in as thoroughly as Stand-In Central.

Stand-In Central is the home of the popular downloadable ebooks The Stand-In Handbook and The Callsheet Cheatsheet. Also of note, the Stand-In Central website has been mentioned in the industry publication Backstage.

At Stand-In Central we give you a summary of the job and share what you might expect if you’ve just been hired as a stand-in for a film or TV show.

From a definition of “stand-in” to a list of the stand-in’s main responsibilities, to the basic gear a stand-in carries and the stand-in’s usual routine, to the terminology the stand-in hears on set, our summary captures the job of the stand-in to prepare you for your work.

Stand-In Central‘s renowned Tips & Tricks Blog is updated weekly with great stories, lessons, humor, and advice on a number of topics related to being a great stand-in.

Stand-In Central‘s volunteer contributors — all professional stand-ins — have stood in on major motion pictures and television series, for many celebrated actors and actresses.

Whether you’re looking to up your game as a stand-in or broaden your knowledge on the workings of a film or television set, Stand-In Central’s Tips & Tricks Blog is worth the follow.

Our online store is the go-to for all of your necessary stand-in gear.

Whether you’re looking for our downloadable ebooks The Stand-In Handbook or The Callsheet Cheatsheet, for hand warmers or toe warmers to keep you comfortable in extreme cold, or for more serious equipment like NEOS overshoes, our staff-recommended products are all right here.

Should the website not answer a question you have about standing in, ask Stand-In Central a question, and our volunteer contributors (all professional stand-ins) will follow up.

We may even answer your question in a future blog posting!

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