A Stand-In’s Responsibilities

The exact nature of the stand-in job varies with each production, but below are the typical responsibilities of the stand-in:

  • Step in immediately to set when production calls “Second team!”
  • Carefully study your principal actor’s blocking in marking rehearsal
  • Stand still on the principal actor’s marks
  • Accurately perform the blocking of the principal actor during setup/camera rehearsal
  • Watch the monitors for changes in the blocking when shooting
  • Listen for “Checking the gate!” to know when to be close to set again

To be a good stand-in, it helps to be aware of these responsibilities and develop abilities in order to fulfill them.  In particular, you need to pay very close attention and be very attentive. Ultimately, you are there to help the rest of the crew. When you can perform what is expected of you as a stand-in, production can run smoothly and swiftly.

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For a complete overview of the job of the stand-in and callsheet terminology,
download The Stand-In Handbook and The Callsheet Cheatsheet.