I was recently cast as a stand in for a new movie. I have on my Extras Casting form that I do have tattoos but it doesn’t list where. I have 4 large tattoos, 2 down each lower arm and I am not sure if it is going to be an issue once I check in to the set once filming starts. Are tattoos usually an issue for stand ins?

— Sarah H

Response from Ben Hauck

Hi Sarah! Thanks for emailing Stand-In Central!

Tattoos probably don’t matter all that much unless perhaps they interfere with lighting in some way, which I doubt they would. As a stand-in, you are not necessarily a photo double, which would be a job in which tattoos could be very important.

I polled some other stand-ins, and they overwhelmingly agreed that in general tattoos matter little for standing in. Of course, a specific job may have different standards.

Have you had any interesting experiences with respect to tattoos and standing in? Have your tattoos helped or hindered your job as a stand-in? Share your experiences below!