I recently uncovered this short video by Matt Geiler (“Kent Squeerion”) and Jessica Noelle Hardy (“Linda Connors”) all about stand-in work, produced for the Chicago Comedy Film Festival.

One note: The language is R-rated at one point. Aside from that, the lesson is humorous — not serious — and pretty funny!

So, just to be entirely clear about what you should truly do as a stand-in, in case you don’t understand the humor:

Do not bring your own lights, a flash light, or help the crew with white-balancing.

Standing still is an asset when you are standing in. “Perfect” stillness is unnecessary, though staying focused on your job helps the crew set up the shot — you want to avoid zoning out and being mindless about your movement.

The crew members are specialized in their jobs, and often have more experience working on set than stand-ins. While their talents may not be apparent, respect their jobs as much as you want your job respected.

You generally will not interact with the director. If you do find yourself “intimately” interacting with the director, and if that interaction is unwelcome, you may have grounds for a sexual harassment claim. Alert a production member if you find you are being harassed, or contain at SAG-AFTRA representative.

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