girls-season-six-promotional-photoThe series finale of HBO’s Girls aired last Sunday. Up to this point, Cara Guglielmino and Lytle Harper — long-time stand-ins for Lena Dunham and Allison Williams whom we chronicled in a previous article on Stand-In Central — were expected to appear on an episode in the final season with coveted principal roles. However, in the end, Cara and Lytle sadly did not appear.

As explained in a recent article on TVLine, the scene in which Cara and Lytle were to appear was in the final episode of Season 6. As the article points out, a promotional photo featuring Dunham in a diner was released by HBO but no such scene was included in the final episode. It turns out that Cara and Lytle’s principal roles were in that scene in the diner, and the scene was cut.

It wasn’t without remorse that the stand-ins had their scene cut. Jenni Konner, who directed the episode and co-wrote it with Dunham and Judd Apatow, explained that the scene was “cut for time” — indicating that there wasn’t enough time in the half-hour episode to include it. Furthermore, the scene apparently did not move the plot forward meaningfully.

Konner still had great things to say about Cara and Lytle’s work on Girls. “We were really happy to put Cara and Lytle in the show and it was heartbreaking to let go of that scene […] We love them. They were the greatest.” Separately from the article, Lytle posted that she received a nice email from Dunham about the cut.

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Girls EP on Finale Scene That Landed on the Cutting Room Floor: ‘It Was Heartbreaking to Let It Go’ — article from TVLine

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