Stand-ins appear from time to time in popular culture.  In this entry of Stand-In Central, we look at an appearance of the stand-in in song.

– The Editor

 “Standing in for Joe” is a pop song cut by the band fronted by Andy Partridge known as XTC.  It was written and composed by Colin Moulding and appears on XTC’s 2000 album Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Volume 2).

While the title explicitly references the job of the television and film stand-in, the lyrics are merely suggestive of the job.  The song tells the story of a man who does a friend named Joe a favor by entertaining Joe’s girl while he’s away.

Joe called round to ask me, Would I do a favor?
While he’s gonna be out of town
He says his girl needs company, she gets so restless
Would I keep her safe and sound?
Softly, softly in the night
Why, you can guess the rest…
Now these shoes fit all too well
Standing in for Joe

The man ends up taking Joe’s place in their relationship!

While the phrase “standing in” in the title might not reference the job of the stand-in, the theatrical reference  later in the song suggests otherwise.  Partridge sings:

This actor he plays all the parts
Standing in for Joe

suggesting the shadow nature of the television and film stand-in.

It would be a mighty surprising outcome for a second-team stand-in to take the place of a first-team principal actor.  It’s a concept that keeps the song is light and funny.

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Do you know of other emergences of stand-ins in song?  If so, reply below!