Are you a regular stand-in on a show who has to deal with a number of inexperienced stand-ins?  Does your production like to pull stand-ins from background who haven’t set foot on a film set before?  Do you no longer have time to tell each newbie stand-in what to look for and how to do the job?

That’s why there’s Stand-In Central!

As mentioned on the frontpage of the website, Stand-In Central is your resource for standing in on film and television productions.  Of particular interest to the regular stand-in with neophyte stand-ins regularly needing help is the first section on the website, titled “What Is A Stand-In?

Found at the very top of the Stand-In Central website, “What Is A Stand-In?” is a general overview of the job written in a way to make it easy to pick up the main responsibilities of a stand-in, the routine to expect on a set, and terminology that is unfamiliar to the celebrated person in the street.

“What Is A Stand-In?” is also particularly helpful if you have family and friends who continually expect to see you in the TV show or film you work on!  “What Is A Stand-In?” teaches the reader about what a stand-in is and does so there’s no more confusion amongst your relatives and acquaintances about what you do when you’re standing in.

So, the next time you’re too busy to give guidance to a new stand-in asking questions about the job, send that person to to click on “What Is A Stand-In?”  It can save you a lot of hassle!