A Collapsible Chair

On many sets when you’re standing in, you’ll need to fight for a place to sit.  Studio chairs may be scarce, and if you’re on location for exteriors, this may doubly be the case.

When you know you’re standing in, you may want to bring along with you a portable chair.  A portable chair is a useful piece of stand-in equipment that may save your legs on those long days on set.

Buy Yours

Many folding chairs are surprisingly inexpensive.  For as little as $4-$12 you can buy a sturdy, supportive collapsible chair.  These chairs often are canvas and come in bags so you can sling them over your shoulder for easy transport.  Collapsible stools leave a smaller footprint but they also don’t provide the back support that you may want when it comes time to sit.

Try department stores to see if they stock collapsible chairs.  They may be in the camping or sports departments.  Online, Bed Bath & Beyond sells a popular collapsible chair with armrests for about $9.

Mark Yours

While set dressers are carting objects out of the shot like the chair you set up for yourself, you might be stuck standing in.  Putting your name on your chair in a visible spot will let set dressers know whose chair it is when they’re moving it.  Putting your name visibly on your chair also helps to distinguish your chair from an otherwise identical one owned by another crew member.

Place Yours

Set up your chair in an area friendly to second team.  Your set may have designated a place where second team holds, in which case set up your chair there.  If it is okay to set up your chair near a monitor, do so, minding the eyelines of other crew members watching the monitors.  If the monitors are crowded with chairs, you may want to avoid setting up your chair there and instead stand to watch the monitors.

Keep in mind the principle to “Never settle.”  It is probable that if you set up your chair somewhere on set–especially if the set is on location–you will need to move it, else it may be moved for you.  Keep it out of the way of carts and equipment and the paths they may travel in.

Know of any great portable chairs you’ve brought to stand in?  Have some advice for finding places to sit when on set?  Comment below!