For many stand-ins, stand-in work is a secondary job–at least in theory.  Many stand-ins are also professional actors.

Putting stand-in work on one’s acting résumé can be a controversial topic.  While on one hand it may promote to casting directors that you are knowledgeable of working on sets and with people in production, on another hand it may promote that you do background work, which may be a conflict of professional interest.

For actors with short résumés, stand-in credits can add needed strength to the acting résumé.  For actors with extensive résumés, stand-in credits can clutter or make confusing a résumé.  For actors with mixed résumés, stand-in credits may or may not help the résumé.

So what do you tend to do?  In our first Stand-In Central Poll, we’re asking if you put your stand-in credits on your acting résumé.  Of course, you might use more than one résumé, depending on the casting director or submission, so we’ve included an option in case you’re like that.  Cast your vote below, and check out the results, too!

Do you have any particular guidance on putting your stand-in work on your acting résumé? If so, comment below!