In the recent issue of the Screen Actors Guild member magazine Screen Actor, SAG actor and stand-in Kat Murello had her letter published about listing stand-ins in the end credits for the projects on which they work.

Stand-In Central recently interviewed Kat Murello on this very topic, and we’re excited that Kat and SAG have opened a dialogue on this topic very important to us.

In her letter to the editor, Kat writes:

There are times I watch the list of names at the end of a film and see a mention of every single person all the way down to a single-day intern production assistant receiving a credit, while the stand-ins remain unacknowledged. Is there a legitimate reason for this and is there anything that can be done to give credit where all credit is due?

The editor replies, “[S]creen credit for any performer is always a matter of individual bargaining.  The Guild has attempted to negotiate better provisions regarding screen credits but the Producers are very resistant to additional obligations when it comes to this matter.”

Links to Kat Murello’s Letter

If you’re a stand-in interested in receiving credit for the commitment you make in working on a television or film project, we encourage you to keep the dialogue current by contacting the Screen Actors Guild.

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Furthermore, if you have experience in procuring credit for yourself as a stand-in in the end credits of a project, please comment below or write Stand-In Central.

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