There are quite a number of anagrams for the title of this website created as helpful resource for the television and film stand-in.

An anagram is a recognized word or phrase created by rearranging and using all of the letters of another word or phrase.

After plugging in “standincentral” on the Internet Anagram Server, here are a few anagrams I found that resonate a bit with the job.

“Clad Entrants In”

Stand-ins wear clothing similar to the actors for whom they stand in, and they follow their blocking as well.  So, stand-ins are like “entrants” in that they enter scenes, and they are “clad in” what is called “color cover” to approximate what their principal actors are wearing.

“Transcend At Nil”

Many stand-ins are actors themselves, and in working as a stand-in, they hope for the coveted “upgraded to principal actor.”  Upgrades do happen to stand-ins though they are relatively uncommon.  This anagram reflects the mindset of a stand-in looking ferociously for an upgrade.  It essentially reflects a stand-in who would “stop at nothing for an upgrade.”

“Canned Star Lint”

This humorous anagram might reflect the position of a stand-in from the perspective of a cruel star actor.  The stand-in, dressed in clothing similar to the star’s, might appear to be “lint,” and in looking similar to the actor, might appear “canned.”

“Transact Lend-In”

Insofar as the stand-in is brought in to help a camera crew set up an interaction scene between actors, a less eloquent way to refer to a stand-in would be to call her a “transact lend-in.”

“Card Talents Inn”

Most stand-ins are union members.  “Card Talents Inn” might be another name for what I call “Stand-In Paradise”–the seating area usually on set set aside for stand-ins.

“Crane Land Stint”

Some scenes are shot with a camera on a crane.  In these cases, the stand-in is some kind of focal point.  When repositioning the crane, the stand-in serves as a kind of “landing point.”  A day on the job as a crane’s landing point constitutes a “crane land stint.”

Do you see any other relevant anagrams here for “standincentral”?  If so, post them below with your explanation!