Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry commonly known for having seventeen syllables: 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line.

Technically, a haiku has seventeen on (“sounds”) rather than syllables (Cf. the Wikipedia entry for haiku), but for this entry of Stand-In Central, we stuck with the syllablic scheme as I recruited some people I know who’ve stood in to write a haiku about standing in.

Most of these poems were written fairly instantaneously. Maybe you’d like to contribute one, too? If so, post your haiku about standing in in the comments section at the bottom.

– The Editor

Haiku by Stand-Ins about Standing In

Here I stand before
All these people watching me
I wish I was first team
– Jim Ditto

stoically posing
just as her first-teamer did
“was her hand that high?”
– Ben Hauck

I am on my mark
A perfect picture is made
Because I stay still
– Kat Murello

a statue-esque man
always found right on his mark
the quiet soldier
– Andrew Rogers

Quiet on my mark
crew buzzing, problem solving
my own kind of zen
– Tim Wilson

You’re looking at me
Stop fucking looking at me
Oh, that’s the DP
– Ben Hauck

Small step to your right
Stop! Baby step to your left.
Ready for first team.
– Kat Murello

A bit to the left
No! we meant camera left
Nevermind, step out
– Rob Tode

First team come on in….
Second team you can leave now….
Ready for last looks
– Ryan Shibley

I must hit the mark.
The lights are hot on this set.
I am fainting, plop!
– Kevin Fletcher

Standing in her steps
I have no feet of my own
I wish I was dead
– Danielle Lieberman

Half asleep, I dream,
someone called out second team.
Nope, I’m in my bed.
– Doug Boes

Color cover on
I stand in the light for you
Learn your fucking lines
– Mike Larose

This tape says my name
It’s also my character
I look like an ass
– Ben Hauck

Sitting bored with book,
I hear them call “second team,”
I jump up and run.
– Doug Boes

Second Team is up.
The camera sees your stance.
Crafty is your church.
– Andrew Kimler

Hiding at crafty,
I hear you’re checking the gate.
Drop donut and run!
– Mike Larose

Fresh cheese at crafty,
director’s a first-timer.
Come on, golden time.
– Elizabeth Corkum

More work than background;
Less pay than a Principal.
Where is my credit?
– Mike Larose

Do most of the work.
First team gets all the screen time.
You are a stand-in.
– An anonymous stand-in

Contribute Your Own!

Use the comments section below to add your own haiku about standing in! Remember the syllable scheme of 5-7-5.