As stand-ins, whether just for the day or on a regular basis, we are accustomed to mirroring our principal actors. Hired for our physical resemblance, we are given color cover to match our outfits, and we are expected to style our hair in a similar fashion as our actors’ styles.

But were you aware that women should factor in the role of jewelry as well when standing in?

The Roles of Jewelry

Unlike more prominent accessories like eyeglasses or sunglasses which the wardrobe or props department may give you when the scene demands, props or wardrobe will not likely give you jewelry.

For female actors jewelry is often a crucial accent — especially earrings and necklaces, which frame the face. Their close proximity to the face means earrings and necklaces may catch light in varying degrees depending on their size and style and as a result may factor into the setup of the shot.

What Jewelry To Bring When You’re Standing In

I bring a small supply of jewelry with me.  Typically a pair of plain studs, hoops, and chandelier earrings, along with a simple necklace, will suffice. That way I am prepared to replicate my principal actor’s appearance as best I can.

Should I notice that my principal actor is wearing jewelry that is a statement piece, or if I am working on a very fashion-focused show, I may verify with with whoever gives me my color cover that my jewelry choice is okay.

Be Prepared!

On set, much as in life, it’s better to be overprepared, for the magic lies in the last detail!

Have any tips or tricks of your own when dealing with jewelry as a stand-in?  What other considerations do you make with respect to jewelry?  Share your ideas below!