For those of us who have worked long enough in the film industry, we realize that it is not the healthiest industry to work in. Long hours, stressful deadlines, high anxiety running rampant most days — and let us not forget all those sleepless days/nights. Eating healthy and staying healthy isn’t normally the easiest in this line of work.

The craft services table is a film worker’s haven. Having a constant supply of candies, snacks, sodas, and the occasional energy drink can take its toll on a body. Consuming a lot of artificial sugars can lead to a heavy sugar crash which can lead a person to being tired, sluggish, irritable, and, in the end, unhealthy.

With all this in mind — and wanting to have a healthier lifestyle for this very demanding job — I have developed some tips to help you remain healthy as a stand-in so you can do your job better.

Eat Breakfast

First, EAT BREAKFAST! This is important. Eating a balanced breakfast is proven to give you more energy and help with mood. This helps in dealing with grumpy DPs and crew. It also helps you feel fuller longer than if you would not have eaten, thus helping you avoid the crafty tables.

Situate Yourself Away from Crafty

Don’t make crafty your hang out spot. There’s only so long you can be around the craft services table before your stomach starts to control the rest of your body. The less time you spend in an area you can see the table, the less you want to indulge yourself in all its splendor.

Snack Rather Than Binge

Munching on food to curb your appetite between the meal breaks can help curb your appetite. Just make great choices on what you choose to eat. Not only will this curb your appetite, but it will also help you not eat as large of a meal during the traditional lunch break (usually six hours into your work day).

Limit Your Portions

I have also found that portion control is very important. Modest portions spaced throughout the day are much healthier than huge meals once or twice a day.

Drink Water

Now, we all know water is important. So it is essential that you control your water intake. Beside stopping dehydration in its tracks, it can also give you the energy you need to take on that long day. In this industry, every little bit of extra energy can make a huge difference.

But you also need to eat your water. I don’t mean your water bottle! I mean foods that have a high H2O content, like lettuce, grapefruit, broccoli, grapefruit, milk, orange juice, carrots, yogurt, and apples. These foods are more filling, so you will consume less calories while still feeling fuller. If you focus on trying to eat these foods more, you will notice the difference.

Michael’s Tip!

I eat a lot of natural honey for a quick boost. It gives me a natural sugar lift without the hard sugar crash at the end. It helps in the long run.


You will find it is much easier to do your stand-in  job when you are feeling healthy and energized, and using these tips can help. Twelve- to sixteen-hour days are not easy when you are unhealthy and tired. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Have any other tips for eating healthy on set? Share your tips below!