Working as a stand-in can be an educational experience.  You are around filmmakers of all types and skill sets, and you can eventually watch the product of all of that work.  If you pay attention and ask questions about what other workers do, you can learn information you can’t learn in school.

Hayden J. Weal took his experience as the stand-in for actor Martin Freeman, who played Bilbo Baggins in the film The Hobbit, as well as his experience working around director Sir Peter Jackson, and he created a feature film, titled Chronosthesia.

Done on “zero budget” and locations that didn’t cost him anything, Hayden recently finished shooting the film, which is now in post-production.

Read the press release for Chronosthesia:

Chronesthesia – Stand-in now in front of the camera – press release from

More information on Hayden J. Weal is available on his website, and specifically, behind the scenes insight for Chronosthesia is available here.

What have you learned about filmmaking by working as a stand-in?  How have you applied your knowledge in your own filmmaking?  Share your stories below!