The front page for Edition 913 of News-O-Matic. By clicking on the “Real Jobs! Stand-In” image, children were taken to the story and its extras.

On April 27, 2016, the daily news app for children, News-O-Matic, featured the job of the stand-in as part of its “Real Jobs!” series.

In Edition 913 of the app, News-O-Matic editor-in-chief Russell Kahn interviewed Stand-In Central editor Ben Hauck about his work as a stand-in in television and film. Playing the part of a principal actor, Kahn got insight into what his stand-in would do and saw some of the tools Ben uses in his work.

For the feature, the story contained video and photos to help teach children what stand-ins do and what their work looks like. It also featured a “Read to Me” section in which Kahn and Ben shared the duties of reading the story — for children to follow along as they read.

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