We’re a little late to this interview!

Back in 2014, Virginia Production Alliance (VPA) member and actor Hilary Montgomery spoke to VPA about her experience standing in on an AMC television series.

In the interview, Hilary explains why she took the job as a “run-of-show stand-in” rather than waiting for a possible principal role on the series.

The interview helps to clarify what stand-in work can offer, particularly to an actor. Namely, as Hilary details, it can provide on-set experience and how television series are made. “Nothing is a better acting class than getting to watch professionals work every single day for fourteen hours a day,” says Hilary.

She explains the routine of standing in, which is also described on the Stand-In Central website. Additionally, Hilary offers some tips for succeeding when you work as a stand-in.

Hilary picked up a lot of information while standing in, and she developed keen insight into the filmmaking process. We’re excited to share her interview with you!

What has stand-in work brought to your acting? Share your experiences below!