The United States Presidential Election is currently in full swing. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton selected as her vice presidential runningmate, Senator Tim Kaine.

And on August 5, 2016, Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, mentioned Tim Kaine at the end of his opening monologue.

What’s the relevance to Stand-In Central? Stephen presented a stand-in for Tim Kaine, someone who works on the staff of The Late Show — post-production supervisor Mark Spada.

In the monologue, Colbert presents photos of Mark and Kaine side by side, and he eventually brings out Mark for the cameras. Colbert confesses that by “stand-in” he means something more along the lines of an understudy than, say, the kind of television and film stand-ins profiled on this website.

But sure enough, the similarity Mark has with the senator is notable enough that Mark could also be Kaine’s stand-in on a TV or film set.

Watch the monologue here:

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