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Did you know that if you need a stand-in, you can turn to an app?

Well, sort of. There are a couple of apps currently that invoke the name “stand-in.” Here is a little information about those apps!

StandIn – An App for Finding Lawyers

According to the website for the app known as StandIn, a stand-in is “a person who is ‘Standing In’ for another lawyer or paralegal at court,” depending on the jurisdiction.

StandIn is an app that allows you set up a profile as a lawyer, stand-in, or both, so that you may be discovered by location should your legal services be needed.

In your personal profile, you can select your languages, the types of appearances you’ll make (hearing, pre-trial, trial, or other), as well as your area of expertise (pleadings, document review, legal research, criminal law, trials, etc.). You can also select whether your country is the United States or Canada. In addition, you can add your photo as well as a mini-résumé and your rate.

StandIn requires you to set up a Stripe account for payment. Inside the app, you will see your location on a map, and you will be able to list those users who are local to that area. You can read those users’ rates and areas of expertise in order to find an appropriate stand-in in court.

The StandIn app has nothing to do with being a stand-in in TV or film. But it’s interesting to see the use of the term applied to the legal realm.

StandIn is available for free download from the iTunes App Store. More information on the app can be found on its website,

Stand-in – An App for Finding Event Companions

The similarly named app Stand-in is more general in focus, concentrating on finding others who use the app to fill in for a friend who can’t make it to an event. A free download from the iTunes App Store and also available on Google Play, Stand-in requires either a business account or a Facebook account for logging in.

Here’s a video from its Kickstarter page to explain the app:

It appears that Stand-in is meant to help when you’re faced with going alone to an event when your friends bail on you or aren’t available. At that, the app is focused only on the Chicago region (though apparently expanding to other cities in early 2017). Quite cutely, if you want to opt out of an event, you can click the button called “Stand-out.”

Stand-in has nothing to do with standing in on a movie or television show. But it’s also interesting to see how the term “stand-in” is used outside the cinematic context.

More information on the app can be found on its website,

Do you know of an app related to standing in? Post any links below!

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Ben Hauck (Editor, Stand-In Central) has stood in on a number of projects shot in the NYC area. In addition to day-playing, he has stood in on major projects for John Oliver (Last Week Tonight), Jason Bateman (The Longest Week, Disconnect, and The Switch), Jason Sudeikis (Sleeping with Other People), Seth Rogen (The Night Before), and Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie and American Odyssey). Ben is an actor and improviser, author of the 2012 book Long-Form Improv (Allworth Press), and host of The Acting Income Podcast.

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