“The Stand-In Handbook” Works! – A Testimonial from an Enthusiastic Buyer

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I’m an actor who got booked as a stand-in on one of the biggest shows on television, but had never done stand-in work before. Thanks to The Stand-In Handbook, I was able to go in completely confident that I’d not only be able to do the job, but do the job well. At the end of the shoot, I had mentioned it was my first time doing stand-in work to a crew member and they said no one was the wiser. Needless to say, the handbook saved my ass! Thank you so much for such a fantastic resource!

— Mandi M.

Are you looking to gain insight on the job of the TV/film stand-in? Is it the night before and you need something to get you up to speed?

stand-in-handbook-coverOur downloadable ebook The Stand-In Handbook is here to help! Order now and you’ll have the ebook emailed to you in minutes. With purchase, you’ll also gain access to locked content on the Stand-In Central website, which will help you understand all of the different terminology you’ll hear on set.

To that point, you may also want to pick up our other popular ebook, The Callsheet Cheatsheet, which details what all of the different codes on the callsheet mean when you show up to set.

Order now!

About the Author:

Ben Hauck (Editor, Stand-In Central) has stood in on a number of projects shot in the NYC area. In addition to day-playing, he has stood in on major projects for John Oliver (Last Week Tonight), Jason Bateman (The Longest Week, Disconnect, and The Switch), Jason Sudeikis (Sleeping with Other People), Seth Rogen (The Night Before), and Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie and American Odyssey). Ben is an actor and improviser, author of the 2012 book Long-Form Improv (Allworth Press), and host of The Acting Income Podcast. http://benhauck.com

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