From my experience, color cover has been less and less requested of stand-ins in recent years.

But is that your experience?

Color cover is a clothing item that resembles in color what the stand-in’s actor is wearing that day.

For most productions, the wardrobe department is responsible for providing color cover for stand-ins. However, on some productions, stand-ins are asked to bring their own color cover.

Some productions even ask stand-ins to bring options for color cover. If it is a union production that is asking stand-ins to do this, stand-ins might be wise to write on their vouchers that they are being asked to bring a change of clothing, which should trigger additional payment.

But I can’t remember the last production for which I was provided or even asked to bring color cover — aside from wearing a suit for appropriate stand-in jobs.

So, Stand-In Central is asking you: In general, when you are standing in, do you bring color cover?

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What insights can you share about your own experiences with color cover on productions these days? Share your comments below!