I recently came across this hilarious Dutch commercial advertising for a “pitch stand-in actor.” The funny fake commercial sells a solution for the businessperson who gets stagefright when having to make business pitches to potential clients: a stand-in that is 3D-printed and who presents business pitches in the person’s place!

(If you don’t understand Dutch, you can configure subtitles to English in the Settings for the video. Just keep in mind that it occasionally translates the word “pitch” to “bitch”!)

The fake commercial begins with a nervous businessman struggling to pitch a fidget spinner to a room of potential buyers. The man then meets a pitch stand-in actor for help with his problem.

The businessman takes a selfie and records some speech. The pitch stand-in actor receives the information and downloads the vocal tracks to … his vocal chords! Then a 3D mask of the businessman’s face is printed, which is then given to the pitch stand-in actor to wear. The pitch stand-in actor puts on similar clothes as the man, and — TADA! — the pitch stand-in actor is ready to confidently perform a pitch in place of the nervous businessman.

As the commercial also shares, the pitch stand-in actor is great for other situations as well, like a meal with the mother-in-law or while playing video games.

Do you know of another video spoofing stand-ins? Share your link below!