As we mentioned last week, The Hollywood Reporter ran two high-profile articles on stand-ins, as well as a portfolio of stand-ins and the actors for whom they stand in.

Stand-In Central editor Ben Hauck and senior contributor Sara DeRosa were mentioned in the articles, as well as a number of other stand-ins.

Along with one of the THR articles were some THR Original Videos. The videos were co-interviews with the stand-ins and their respective first-teamers.  As of this writing, the videos can be found here, but direct links to the videos can be found below. Have a watch!

Sara DeRosa and Téa Leoni

Loyd Catlett and Jeff Bridges

Miriam Crawford Grant and Sterling K. Brown

Scott Pierce and Ed Harris

Tawny Sorensen and Natasha Lyonne

What did you learn about stand-in work from these videos? Share your findings in the comments below!