Since 2010, Stand-In Central has published a weekly blog covering all sorts of topics related to working as a stand-in on TV and film sets.

Who would have thought that a job — that is typically seen as simply standing in place — had so many facets to it!

We realize that you might not dig through the archives of Stand-In Central’s Tips & Tricks Blog for past articles. (That’s why you purchased The Stand-In Handbook!)

Below are five helpful posts for new stand-ins from our archives. Enjoy!

1. Working with Stand-Ins Who Have Little to No Set Experience

Here are some tips for prepping the novice stand-in with little set experience on how to stand in on your production.

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2. How to Gain a Professional Edge When Standing in on a New Job

Here are a few ways you can gain that “professional edge” and help production know that you’re a solid, experienced, and competent stand-in who exceeds their expectations.

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3. Ask Stand-In Central: Where to Find Stand-In Jobs?

From our Ask Stand-In Central series, this article gives some general advice for people looking for insights on how to work as a stand-in.

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4. Taking Care When Expressing Your Opinions on Set

Here are some things to consider when feeling the urge to express your opinions when working as a stand-in.

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5. How Much “Acting” You Should Do in Second-Team Rehearsal

Here are some pointers on what to recreate and how much to “act” when you are standing in.

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