Earlier this year was principal photography for the film The Stand-In, starring Drew Barrymore in a dual role of both an actor and her stand-in.

Because this film is of interest to Stand-In Central as well as stand-ins around the globe, we’ve looked for information about its production and how stand-ins are represented and presented in the film.

Below is some behind-the-scenes footage of the making of The Stand-In, which we found on YouTube.

New York Footage

The above video from BACKGRID TV includes footage of Barrymore playing both roles in presumably different setups of the same scene.

With her in the setups is what appears to be doubles in the role of the character Barrymore is not playing in each setup. It’s not entirely clear if they are photo doubles, body doubles, stunt doubles, or some other person entirely. They could presumably also be different people.

The footage appears to have been shot during shooting in New York City on February 19, 2019.

Kentucky Footage

The film shot in Lexington, KY, then onto Versailles, KY.

There was apparently some media “buzz” about Hollywood coming to Kentucky. LEX18 News did several pieces about the film coming to the local area.

In Lexingonton, at the Wrigley Media Group

In Versailles

Footage from the Lexington Shoot

Below is some reporting from the shoot in Lexington, which includes footage of work by a stunt double.


Do you know of footage online from the shoot for The Stand-In? If so, share your link in the comments section below!