Earlier this year on her YouTube channel, Adriana Natale released her own tips and insights on working as a stand-in — notably for A-list actors.

While some of her experiences as a stand-in differ slightly from what Stand-In Central has seen (for what it’s worth, this website is based on the East Coast), her insights help give an even rounder idea of what you might expect in working as a stand-in in television and film.

Give a watch:

While Stand-In Central hasn’t heard much about making stand-ins sign non-disclosure agreements when standing in for A-list actors, it probably does happen. From our experience, it’s just not as extensive or common as Adriana might lead you to believe.

And we have seen utility stand-ins also on films, not just television, but that’s a relatively minor point.

That said, Adriana provides some excellent resources for finding and landing stand-in work on the West Coast, notably mentioning that these are also some of the main ways that background actors (“extras”) book work. For insights on how to book that kind of work, she offers this video on her channel.

Thanks, Adriana, for helping people and stand-ins learn about the work!

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