Stand-In Central relies on the experience and experiences of professional stand-ins to educate others on the job of standing in.

If you have great tips on topics of importance to the stand-in, a fantastic stand-in story, or ideas for columns in the Stand-In Central Tips & Tricks Blogemail the editor at Stand-In Central and we just may invite you to contribute!

For example, here are some ideas for topics that might interest us:

  • Standing in on green screens
  • Standing in when there is new technology on set
  • Standing in on productions with live studio audiences
  • Standing in on productions with three or more cameras
  • Standing in on soap operas
  • Getting a film or television credit for standing in
  • Becoming a star’s dedicated stand-in
  • Receiving the daily callsheet from production
  • Landing principal work by working as a stand-in
  • Landing stand-in jobs in markets other than New York City
  • Answers from SAG-AFTRA to common stand-in questions
  • Working exclusively as a stand-in
  • Exciting stories from standing in
  • Interviews with unique and interesting stand-ins
  • When something goes terribly wrong on set to the stand-in
  • Eating healthfully and keeping fit when on set
  • Tips for writing out blocking during marking rehearsals
  • Etc.!

We aim to keep Stand-In Central informative and entertaining. Stand-In Central is a non-authoritative website dedicated to providing helpful resources for the television and film stand-in. If you’d like to contribute toward this goal, please email the editor!