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— The Editor

Presumptively, amid a global coronavirus pandemic, production will start back up soon for television and film.

What that will look like is still to be seen. For example, will productions still hire stand-ins? If so, what will stand-in work now entail? If not, will SAG-AFTRA fiercely protect its jurisdiction if productions use non-SAG-AFTRA workers as stand-ins?

We have three simple questions we hope you’ll answer in the comments section. Feel free to pass this Stand-In Central post around. If you would prefer not to post your comment, you can email us. We’d love to hear where you are with respect to stand-in work and getting back on set.

The Three Questions

  1. What is your outlook on stand-in work right now (amid a global coronavirus pandemic)?
  2. What are your concerns about returning to work to stand in during this pandemic?
  3. Are you eager to go back to working as a stand-in, more anxious about going back to work, or refusing for now to do stand-in work?

Please post your answers in the comments section below: