Recently on the Stand-In Central Twitter account (@StandInCentral), we posted this question:

Nathan Townsend Levy bit! He tweeted:

Fortunately, we had some answers on the ready!

In fact, since 2010 when we founded Stand-In Central, our “What Is A Stand-In?” page has been a central feature of the website. It gives an overview of the responsibilities of the stand-in, the basic gear of stand-in, the routine when working as a stand-in, and some of the lingo you might hear. Have a read!

As for a 101 on standing in, we have that, too! We have classified a number of the posts in Stand-In Central’s Tips & Tricks Blog as part of our “Stand-In 101” series. Make sure you skim the titles of the posts for what information you seek!

Of course, our Tips & Tricks Blog covers so many different topics around standing in and aspects of the job. Sometimes the posts are cute haiku that capture perhaps only what stand-ins think, sometimes the posts are technical around aspects of the work or around contracts, and sometimes the posts are downright serious such as in our handling post and our post about hazards in working with drones.

So, Nathan, we have you covered!

But if there’s still something we haven’t covered or your have a question about standing in, reach out as we frequently turn these questions into weekly posts in our blog.

If you’re looking for an organized, downloadable manual on standing in, of course, we have that, too! It’s called The Stand-In Handbook with many, many downloads since we’ve released it, helping many new to standing in grasp the job and get a crash course of sorts. We also sell the popular Callsheet Cheatsheet, which clues stand-ins and actors alike into the mysterious meanings of codes on the callsheet they get on the first page of their sides.

If you haven’t already, make sure to follow @StandInCentral on Twitter! We have other content around standing in.

What questions do you have about stand-in work in TV and film? Post your questions in the comments below!