In this new series on Stand-In Central titled “What Would You Do?,” we present situations you might find yourself in on set and ask you what you would do.

This series is inspired to spark thought, discussion, and perhaps an understanding of best practices when you are working as a stand-in in television or film.

Participate by adding your answer in the comments at the bottom, and make sure to provide any reasoning for your choice!

— The Editor

You are working as a stand-in for a day on a television series.

You are standing in for the lead.

Casting has given a general warning to all background actors working that day not to talk to the actors. This warning seems to apply to you as well, but casting did not specifically say stand-ins shouldn’t talk to actors.

You are standing on your first mark with the camera operator setting up the shot.

Just then, your first team actor shows up on set.  The actor is standing about four feet away from you.

Aloud, audibly, but to no one into particular, the actor asks, “Where’s Pat?”

(Pat is your actor’s usual stand-in, and the actor seems to be referring to you, noticing you are not Pat.)

The first AD has not said “Thank you, second team!” and the camera operator continues to make camera adjustments while you’re on the mark.

What do you do in this situation?

A. Say nothing and continue to stay on your mark while the camera operator makes adjustments, not acknowledging the actor or the actor’s question.

B. Say to the actor that you’re replacing Pat for the day, while staying on your mark.

C. Say to the actor that you’re replacing Pat for the day, while leaving your mark and leaving set.

D. Say nothing and leave your mark, because your actor has arrived on set.

E. Look around from your mark to see if the first AD sees you, and ask if it is okay for you to step off set now.

F. Something else?

Post your answer and reasoning in the comments below!