When you’re working as a stand-in in TV and film, you’re almost guaranteed to stand.

You start to realize how important the footwear you choose for your job is.

You’re on your feet pretty much as a job description!

The more your shoes can do for you, the better when you’re standing in.

So, this post covers some of the things shoes can do for stand-ins. The more boxes your shoes tick, probably the better!

Give Comfort

When you’re standing in, obviously, you want your shoes to be as comfortable as you can have them, because working twelve or more hours a day in uncomfortable shoes could be ruinous.

Choose shoes that are comfortable. If you’re stuck with uncomfortable shoes, find some insoles that may help!

Give (or  Reduce) Height

Shoes can change your natural height. Shoes that have some kind of heel can be really great in a pinch to add to your height.

More generically, boots can add height, too, especially if they have a heel.

If you happen to get NEOS overshoes, you’ll get some added height if need be when working outside in cold or wet conditions. They have a sole that is about an inch thick, which will add to the height your shoes inside them give you.

Likewise, flats can also be a boon for you in lowering your standard height, if you typically tend to wear shoes with a thick sole (like many athletic shoes).

If you want a comfortable insert to your shoe to give you a little lift, we’ve profiled some comfortable ones on the market.


Speaking of lifts, Chelsea boots and other sorts of laceless, pull-on boots may be a good choice if you are inclined to stand in for actors with different heights. These types of footwear allow you to easily and quickly insert or remove lifts.

If you have roomy enough footwear that permits you to add lifts, or to work without them, you’ve found a trusty pair to help you navigate utility stand-in work for characters of multiple heights.

Give Warmth

Shoes can affect your foot warmth, as well as your mental health! Many stand-ins will testify that if their feet get cold, they are in real trouble of becoming absolutely miserable on set with no escape or relief.

So, finding and investing in toasty footwear can mean a huge difference to a stand-in.

Warm shoes can do a better overall job than toe warmers. They can mean you aren’t dependent on toe warmers, or that toe warmers help you stay warm that much more.

Having warm shoes or boots mean the ability to regularly work in cold conditions while being comfortable. That may give you a competitive edge in stand-in work, because some stand-ins choose not to work in colder months.

Keep You Dry

Shoes that are waterproof mean a stand-in can navigate the rain, puddles, and even mud. Otherwise, stand-ins may destroy their regular shoes in an instant while standing in!

So, having waterproof footwear can really help you in lots of different scenarios. While there may be no forecast for rain, you never know if you’ll be working in wet or muddy conditions on set!

Keep You Quiet

When you’re working in a studio, it really helps to have shoes that are quiet.

If sound is speeding and cameras are rolling, and if you want to walk somewhere while that’s happening, you have to make sure your shoes aren’t going to make noise. Otherwise, you’ll be slowly tiptoeing everywhere!

While heel caps may provide you with some soundproofing as you walk, shoes with rubber soles are probably the best in terms of quiet treading on set.

But ultimately you may need to test out your shoes for noise. Some shoes may surprisingly squeak when you wear them in a studio!

More Shoe for the Buck!

If you can find comfortable, quiet, waterproof shoes to wear on set, that get you to the height of your actor and are also easily transformable, you’re golden for most of your stand-in work. You can just wear those most days and not have to bring in different pairs of shoes as your actors (or their heights) change throughout a shoot.

However, if you’re working in the cold, you probably can forego a quiet or transformational shoe for one that is warm. When you’re working outside, quiet doesn’t matters as much. When it’s really cold, exact height might not matter as much either. What matters is that you can stay warm and dry and as comfortable as possible. NEOS overshoes are a great investment, as they go over almost any shoe you have and provide exceptional warmth.

Do you have a go-to pair of shoes when you stand in? What footwear advice do you have for stand-ins? Post in the comments section below!