From time to time when you are working as a stand-in in TV or film, you might find someone either standing on your mark or asking to stand on your mark. And that person may be the director of photography (DP).

While the request may seem unusual, and while it may somehow make you insecure that you’re not doing your job well, the request is not that unusual and doesn’t say anything about your effectiveness as a stand-in.

What’s Probably Going on When a DP Is on Your Mark

Sometimes a DP simply needs to look from your exact vantage to see where lights are pointed.

The DP may want to see what lights are pointed at you, what lights are not, the source of light that might be leaking onto you, or some other thing that is best revealed by standing on your mark.

It’s Appropriate to Let the DP Stand on Your Mark

It may seem like a “violation” for another worker on a set to be standing on your mark. After all, you’re the stand-in, and no one else should be doing stand-in work!

But a DP standing on your mark is not doing stand-in work. Instead the DP is doing DP work, which may at times involve standing on your mark.

There is no controversy about that. If a DP asks to stand on your mark, let the DP do so!

Have you ever encountered a DP standing on your mark? Are there other legitimate reasons someone on the crew could stand on your mark? Share your thoughts in the comments below!