Stand-In Central began in 2010. Then, our web server suited very well our modest little, one-of-a-kind website about TV and film stand-ins.

Over the years, Stand-In Central has grown alongside sister websites sharing the server. As a result of all that growth, from time to time you might have logged onto Stand-In Central and found that pages loaded slowly, the website was slow to respond to clicks, or even the site went down from time to time.

We were frustrated, too!

We also experienced these issues, which caused making updates to this informative website and adding its weekly Wednesday blog posts sometimes an exercise in teeth-gritting patience.

New Year, New Server!

However, if you started clicking on Stand-In Central within the past week, you might have noticed how speedy the website has become.

Indeed, the site has become faster — because we upgraded servers!

Stand-In Central is a free website packed with information about standing in on TV and film projects, particularly those under SAG-AFTRA contracts. We also have two downloadable ebooks we sell that have proven extraordinarily helpful to stand-ins: The Stand-In Handbook and The Callsheet Cheatsheet.

Hundreds of orders of these ebooks over the years have helped fund this essentially volunteer endeavor that is aimed at informing those hired as stand-ins about this mysterious entertainment-industry job.

Have a search of the new, faster Stand-In Central!

Like the improvement? Let us know in the comments section below!