The person standing on a mark on a TV or film production, who maybe kinda looks like the actor?

In English, that person is called a “stand-in.”

How does Google Translate translate “stand-in” into other languages?

Let’s find out!

Google Translates “Stand-In” to Different Languages

While there’s no way of knowing whether any of these words also refer to TV/film stand-ins, we thought it would be fun to publish this list.

In no particular order, this is a random sampling of possible equivalents for the term “stand-in” in other languages, as output by Google Translate.

French: remplaçant (masculine) or remplaçante (feminine)
Spanish: suplente
Afrikaans: staan ​​in
Danish: vikar
Frisian: ynfaller
Basque: ordezkoa
Japanese: 代役
Telegu: నిలబడి
Welsh: sefyll i mewn
Swahili: kusimama-ndani
Greek: σταθεί
Chinese (Simplified): 站在 (Zhàn zài)
Zulu: ukuma-phakathi
Bengali: দাঁড়ানো (Dām̐ṛānō)
Turkish: dublör
Irish: seasamh isteach
Esperanto: anstataŭi
Haitian Creole: kanpe nan
Hawaiian: kū-i loko

Do you know if any of these words do or do not apply to TV and film stand-ins? Post your insights in the comments box below!