As you are probably aware, this year at the Oscars, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock while he was presenting.

The Oscars program is a union jobsite. Its presenters and host work under the Network Television Code (“Netcode”). When slapped, Chris Rock was likely working as an employee, so when he was battered, he likely was subject to workplace violence at a unionized jobsite.

Workplace violence is a serious issue. Stand-In Central has documented the long-standing offense of “handling” TV/film stand-ins. Handling involves employees like a director or DP physically touching stand-ins and moving stand-ins around in a shot, usually without their express permission. The experience can be traumatic, and Stand-In Central finds handling unacceptable workplace conduct.

Oscars Stand-Ins

Naturally, the events of this year’s Oscars broadcast leads here to thoughts of the Oscars stand-ins. As it turns out, in 2017, the Academy put out a documentary on its Oscars Awards ceremony stand-ins.

As you’ll learn from the video below, many Oscars stand-ins have worked for more than a decade on the show!

Have a watch of the video to learn about the opportunities that have come with working as an Oscars stand-in:

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