The short film Second Team is a hilarious must-watch satire on the entertainment industry’s over-appreciation of actors and its under-appreciation of stand-ins.

Directed by Ria Pavia, the recent pick for “Short of the Week” portrays both a pair of terrible actors bemoaned by production and their respective pair of stand-ins, who are also fighting exes forced to do a second team rehearsal — bringing rich life to the script the first-team actors failed to bring.

Have a watch!


Plot of Second Team (as described in its YouTube description):

Jackie and Molly may have broken up, but they still have to spend their days together acting like best friends in their jobs as stand-in actors on a seemingly basic sitcom called 2 Millennial Girls. With her directorial debut Second Team, director Ria Pavia defies expectations by playing with the established and well known codes/tropes of multiple genres to deliver a fun, exciting, surprising, witty and clever comedy that leaves you wanting for more.


The channel’s review is glowing:

I cannot stress this enough, Second Team is one of the best comedic surprises I have had in a long time! With multiple layers, it keeps on giving until the last second, […] The film reveals its self-awareness, and does not solely rely on the gimmick of a (bad) show within the film. From there, my newfound careful optimism swiftly turned into full blown investment, as the short unfolds at a very enjoyable pace, revealing trick after trick throughout its 10-minute run-time.

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If Stand-In Central hasn’t gotten you to watch the short film Second Team by now, make sure you do!

What did you think of Second Team? How well do you think it satirized the lives of stand-ins? Post your opinions in the comments below!