Since 2010, Stand-In Central has presented evolving information about the mysterious job of the TV/film stand-in.

We’ve published weekly blog posts about standing in.

Probably no one knew there was so much perspective on working as a stand-in!

With that said, maybe over this decade we’ve missed a topic or subject area about stand-in work.

Or maybe the Stand-In Central website needs something it still doesn’t have?

We Want to Know!

Please share with us your idea(s) for Stand-In Central so we can make the site better for you to use.

Some ideas we’re considering:

  • Adding a go-to page for stand-in pay rates under different SAG-AFTRA contracts
  • Adding copies of SAG-AFTRA contracts (or at least the aspects related to stand-in work)
  • Adding more interviews with stand-ins
  • Adding more volunteer contributors to expand the ranges of stand-in experience represented on the site
  • Adding a subscription-based directory of stand-ins
  • Hub pages on different topics around stand-in work
  • A different look and feel for Stand-In Central

What are your ideas? What are those things you’ve said silently to yourself that you wished you could more easily find on Stand-In Central?

Post your thoughts in the comments below!