Back on August 13, 2022, MySanAntonio ran a profile of Janice Cruz, who stood in for Jennifer Lopez on the film Selena when it shot in the area in 1996.

Not only was Janice the stand-in for Lopez on the movie, but she also served as Lopez’s photo double in several scenes. Notably, Janice drove a Porsche (that she didn’t initially know how to drive) in a scene in the film.

Janice lucked out with the four-month job after attending a casting search with around 6,000 other girls in Market Square, as part of a national casting call. Janice had to resign her job in order to accept the stand-in job awarded to her for $100 a day plus overtime. At the time, she didn’t even know what a stand-in did!

The article features a number of photos taken behind the scenes of Selena, showing Janice alongside Lopez as well as popping out of her photo double trailer.

Janice was offered additional work as Lopez’s stand-in on a future film, but because she was planning a wedding and not an acting career, she ended up turning it down.

Have a read of Janice Cruz’s profile on MySA:

San Antonio’s Janice Cruz reminisces on playing Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Selena’ stand-in

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