In this new series on Stand-In Central titled “What Would You Do?,” we present situations you might find yourself in on set and ask you what you would do.

This series is inspired to spark thought, discussion, and perhaps an understanding of best practices when you are working as a stand-in in television or film.

Participate by adding your answer in the comments at the bottom, and make sure to provide any reasoning for your choice!

— The Editor

Last week, you accepted stand-in work for the week on an important film. You’re standing in for one of the leads.

It’s now Monday afternoon. Casting just confirmed with you your availability for Tuesday. You took a COVID test this morning for tomorrow’s work. And now you just got an email.

A TV show you really want to do wants to have you audition. The email says you can put yourself on tape and that submissions are due by 5pm on Tuesday.

The casting director will send the sides to you on Tuesday morning. You will be playing someone high-society. If you’re cast, it shoots this Friday. It might have a COVID test on Wednesday and might have a fitting on Thursday.

You really want to do this audition.

With that said, according to what you can make of the prelim, tomorrow looks rough on this stand-in job. You’re shooting exteriors in the woods. It will be cold. There is a chance of rain. And your actor is in every scene.

You can’t tell what the rest of the week looks like, though casting did line you up through Friday.

You don’t feel you’ve developed a good relationship yet with the casting director but it’s not someone you want to upset. Production seems to like you for today, but you don’t know anyone very well on this job.

What do you do in this situation?

A. Contact casting and cancel Tuesday, explaining you have an audition, but you can work the rest of the week.

B. Contact casting and cancel Tuesday, but don’t explain why other than something came up. Definitely also explain you can work this rest of the week.

C. Contact casting and cancel the rest of the week.

D. Show up on Tuesday to work, feign illness, and leave early to get in the audition.

E. Show up on Tuesday to work, wearing a high-society look under your rain gear, and hope you can figure out how to shoot the audition when you’re working.

F. Don’t do the audition because you already lined up this week of stand-in work.

G. Try to find someone else who’s COVID-tested on this job today to cover for you on Tuesday. If you find someone, let casting know that person can replace you tomorrow because you now have an audition Tuesday.

H. Try to work something out with the background PA or 2nd AD about Tuesday’s audition.

I. Something else entirely!

Post your answer and reasoning in the comments below!